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Prices effective January 1, 2015


The Doppler comes complete with one probe (usually infant flat), 2 bottles of coupling gel, rechargeable battery, charging transformer, and operator's manual.

MODEL 811-BL - $773.00

Supplied as described for the 811-B, above, but the 811-BL features a cautery suppressor circuit to silence the device when an electrocautery device is activated. Static sound generated by a cautery device is very irritating to most people.

(see below for recommended accessories and packages)


The Doppler is used for detecting blood flow acoustically and for making blood-pressure measurements indirectly using an inflatable cuff and sphygmomanometer. The method is like that used on humans; the Doppler functions as a stethoscope. Systolic pressure is measured by reading the pressure on a sphygmomanometer when the blood flow sound first returns as cuff pressure is lowered. Normally, only systolic pressure is measured. Diastolic pressure measurements can be made, but they are not very accurate and require lots of subjective judgment.

We highly recommend purchase of a spare probe because at some time the probe will fail and you will be unable to use your Doppler until the probe is repaired or replaced. Most veterinarians use an infant style flat probe. Work with birds may require an Avian probe. (Special order item with additional cost.)

Avian probe ( only available in 8.2, 8.5, 8.9, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, & 9.7 MHz).

Avian probe ( only available in 8.2, 8.5, 8.9, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, & 9.7 MHz).



SoftCheck vinyl cuffs are intended for single-use or limited-use applications. They can be reused but should not be expected to last as long as a regular blood pressure cuff.  Most people consider them disposable after a few uses. The SoftCheck cuffs are not made with natural rubber latex and have a Velcro© closure.

989-1006-10 Size 1 Soft Check Cuff (for 3 - 6 cm) $9.95
989-1015-03 Size 2 Soft Check Cuff (for 4 - 8 cm) $9.95
989-1014-03 Size 3 Soft Check Cuff (for 6 - 11 cm) $9.95
989-1008-03 Size 4 Soft Check Cuff (for 7 - 14 cm) $9.95
989-1009-03 Size 5 Soft Check Cuff (for 8 - 15 cm) $9.95
989-1010-03 Size 6 Soft Check Cuff (for 13 - 20 cm) $11.95
989-1015-06 Hokanson 1.6 cm width digit B.P. cuff $33.00
989-1216-00 Hokanson 1.9 cm width digit B.P. cuff $33.00
989-1217-00 Hokanson 2.5 cm width digit B.P. cuff $33.00


SoftCheck Cuffs
Hokanson Cuffs

The suggested starter package requires a Model 811-B with an infant flat probe.  Additionally, you must purchase a sphygmomanometer (pictured below), and 2 or 3 cuffs.  The size of the cuff required depends upon the size of the animal.  The accuracy of the blood pressure measurement depends on the proper cuff width for the limb used.  It is also possible to have anatomical hiding of the artery, which causes inaccuracy.  Generally, you want to know the measured blood pressure at the start of an operation and continue to measure periodically during and after the operation.  The absolute value is probably not measureable except with an indwelling catheter, which is prohibitively expensive.  A relatively accurate measurement, looking for change, is what is normally used.

Common sites for cuff placement are above the forepaw and at the base of the tail.  Click here for our "Blood Pressure Measurements on Animals" PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat).



Welch Allyn Gold


Sphygomanometer (Riester) supplied with black tubing and fittings - $126.00 989-1104-10


Offers Improved Ergonomics with "Trigger" bleed control in a more robust package

Sphygomanometer (Welch Allyn Gold) supplied with black tubing and fittings - $225.00 989-1105-10



Two styles available.  They may be ordered with the unit (cheaper overall) or later if you wish.  The model 800 case is large enough to hold a bottle of gel, charger and a probe - $125.00 if ordered with the doppler, $160.00 if ordered later, without the unit.  The model 901 case is large enough to hold the manometer, gel, battery charger and a few cuffs.  It is $130.00 if ordered with the doppler and $167.00 if ordered later, without the unit. 


800 Carry Case
901 Carry Case

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