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Configuring the HIPAA Section in VIP

VIP software is fully HIPAA compliant as of version 6.8.  If you need VIP version 6.8, click here.

The first time you enter VIP version 6.8, either in a new install or if you just upgraded from an earlier version, it will bring up a login prompt similiar to below:

VIP screen

If you have not yet set a username and password, you will need to call Technical Support so we can create a login key for you (1-888-FLOWLAB). The username is going to be the date with the time, verbatim, exactly as shown above. The password you will get from us. You will need to tell us the exact date and time shown so we can generate the password.

After correctly logging in for the first time, you will be brought to the HIPAA configuration screen as shown below:

VIP screen

1) Add User - The first thing you need to do is create an Administrator account using this function. A screen will come up asking you for a Username and a Password. For the Administrator account, use "admin" (without the quotes) for the username and enter a unique password - this login will be used to access this HIPAA configuration screen in the future. Without this Admin account, you will not be able to make future changes to the HIPAA configuration. You also need to create a Username and Password for every person that will be using the software.  REMEMBER - Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive!

2) Del User - This allows you to delete Usernames.

3) List Users - Allows you to list all users in the system.

4) Set Password - Allows you to change the password for a user already in the system.

5) Turn HIPAA Off - Allows you to turn HIPAA off - be aware that turning this OFF will make your system no longer HIPAA compliant!  Be aware that even if HIPAA is turned off, you will still be prompted for a username and password each time you enter VIP.  If HIPAA is off, you can just hit ENTER twice and it will let you in.

6) Set Timeout (x minute(s)) - Sets the timeout, or the length of inactivity before VIP goes back to the login prompt and denies access to unauthorized users. For security reasons, keep this number as low as is practical.

7) Print Logs - Allows you to print out a log of all activity on the system.

If, at any point, you lose the username and/or password and are unable to access the system, you will need to call Technical Support at 888-FLOWLAB so we can reset the HIPAA system.

For specific HIPAA-related questions, please email

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