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Modality Worklist 2.70

If you purchased the DICOM option for your Flo-Lab, you can also add the Modality Worklist module.  If it's not installed already or you need to upgrade to a newer version, download 2.70 here (12.7 MB).

Below are setup instructions, which you can also download in Acrobat PDF format here.

Modality Worklist

The modality worklist allows you to input scheduled patients into the Sonova program. The setup is similar to the setup for DICOM. Your facility's IT department will need to provide you with the IP address and AE title of the system that it is pulling the information from.

To install from the Sonova CD (Sonova 3.52 with Utilities): Insert the CD and it should bring up the choices menu.  Click Install Sonova Utilities.  Click Install Modality Worklist 2.7.  Follow the on screen prompts. You will need to reboot your computer after the install.

To install from the file you downloaded from our website: Locate the file you downloaded - it will be called InstallSonovaMWLVer2.7.exe.  If you did not download the file from your Flo-Lab, then you will need to put it on a CD and take it to your Flo-Lab.  Double-click on InstallSonovaMWLVer2.7.exe and follow the on screen prompts.  You will need to reboot your computer after the install.

Once your computer has been re-started, you will see that it is running on your task bar.

MWL Taskbar


To configure your Modality Worklist, click on Modality Worklist on your task bar, then click on the WORKLIST SETUP button. The following screen should appear.

NOTE: Your facility’s system administrator, PACS or IT department will need to provide the necessary information to input into the setup. The following information is an example only. The column on the left needs no input.

MWL Setup


Port: This is the port number that the remote calling AE application will be listening to for information from the called AE.
IP Address: Used to configure the network IP address for the system that the calling AE will be receiving its data from.
Called AE: Application Entry title of the remote system that will send the patient information to Sonova.  NOTE: If the word “demo” is inputted in this field, you will get a list of mock patients for testing purposes.
Calling AE: Application Entry title of the Parks Flo Lab that will be receiving the patient information.
Modality: This is the type of medical equipment. US stands for ultrasound and is the default setting.  This can be changed to match your protocol.
# Of Days To Get: Number of days that the Sonova Modality Worklist will have to retrieve the patient information.

Once the setup is complete, press ESC on the keyboard or click the (ESC) EXIT button.  You are now be ready to use the Sonova Modality Worklist.

Using the Modality Worklist in Sonova:

While in Sonvova’s opening menu, press ALT+M (As prompted on the lower left portion of the screen).  Sonova will minimize and the Modality Worklist will appear.



Using your mouse or arrow keys, highlight the patient that you want to pull into Sonova. The modality Worklist is automatically refreshed every time you enter it. However, if you have left the Modality Worklist screen open for a few minutes, you may want to click on the Refresh Worklist button if you don’t see the patient that you expect to see.

Once you have highlighted your patient, choose the study type (Lower Arterial, Upper Arterial or Venous) located on the lower portion of this screen.

The Modality Worklist will populate the patient information into Sonova and switch you back into the Sonova software. You can now proceed with your patient test.

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