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Connecting the hose set to the Multi-Port Inflator (MPI)

There is a specific order in which the hoses need to be plugged into the MPI. Starting from ARM at the top, and going from longest hose to shortest along the sides -

White hose (longest) into ARM
Blue hose into H. THIGH
Green hose into L. THIGH
Yellow hose into CALF
Orange hose into ANKLE
Clear hose (shortest) into DIGIT/TMC


Multi-Port Inflator

This is the correct way to hook up an MPI.  To release the hoses from the MPI, press down on the red ring and the hose will come right out. This is an image of a current-model Multi-Port Inflator.  The MPI should be mounted on the rear of your Flo-Lab cabinet.

NOTE: Newer MPI's (made after around May, 2005) feature silver-colored rings where the hoses plug into the MPI, but its functionally the same.


Old Multi-Port Inflator

If you have an older Flo-Lab, your Multi-Port Inflator may look like this.  These older-style MPI's were mounted on the side of the Flo-Lab cabinet.

MPI Cuffs

This is an example of a standard MPI cuff setup using two hoses. The red hose on the other side of the patient is connected in the same fashion as the yellow hose you see here.

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