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Multi-Port Inflator Troubleshooting Procedures

This document details steps on troubleshooting a mis-behaving Multi-Port Inflator (MPI).

MPI will not power up - no lights

  1. Check MPI power supply.  In newer units, this is located behind the printer and between the two speakers (older units have the power supply inside the cart on the other side of the wall the speakers are on; if this is the case, you will need to remove the screws that hold the rear door shut and go inside).  Make sure the black power cable goes from the MPI power supply to the isolation power supply in the base of the cart.  Make sure the top cable goes to the MPI interface card in the computer, and the bottom cable goes to the MPI itself.  Also visually inspect the pins on the cables and the power supply, making sure they are all intact and that none are bent.
  2. Check the MPI interface card's installation -

    ISA interface - VIP software - Check to see if the file mpi.ini exists in the Scope directory; if it does, delete it.
    ISA interface - Sonova software - Go into Utilities, System Setup, Communications tab; Change MPI card type to ISA.
    PCI interface - VIP software - Edit the mpi.ini file in the Scope directory. The $ value in this file needs to match the I/O range of the PCI interface card (this value is established in Device Manager - ? Other Devices - Custom (OEM) PCI 9050/9052 Board; Under the Resources tab, there are two Input/Output ranges listed - we are interested in the first number in the second set of I/O ranges).
    PCI interface - Sonova software - Go into Utilities, System Setup, Communications tab; Change MPI card type to PCI.
  3. If you are using the PCI interface, make sure the Windows drivers are correctly installed.  If the drivers are not correctly installed, there will be a yellow ! or red X over the 'Custom (OEM) PCI 9050/9052 Board' entry in device manager.  If this is the case, then double-click on the entry for the MPI interface; click on the Driver tab; click Update Driver.  Tell Windows to search for the files in c:\windows\system32\drivers.  If it cannot find the correct driver in that folder, then insert the Sonova installation CD into your CD-ROM; Click Cancel when the Sonova installation program comes up; Point Windows to D:\program files\VIPWin1\MPI_PCI_Drivers\Win98_ME_XP (This assumes that D: is your CD-ROM's drive letter).
  4. Make sure the correct MPI interface is installed; Windows 95 and DOS-only machines must use the ISA MPI interface.

If, after following these troubleshooting steps, the MPI still doesn't light up, then it is probably defective and will need to be repaired or replaced.  Call RLD Medical (the manufacturer of the MPI) at 800-289-0077.

If you need the drivers for the Multi-Port Inflator, you can download the MPI drivers and instructions for loading them here -

Instructions for loading drivers
MPI drivers for Win 98/ME/2000/XP

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