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Making custom headers

This page gives instruction on how to utilize custom headers in VIP and Sonova.



Open your VIP software. Select 1) - Lower Arterial, 7) - Reporter, 4) - Format Header, as shown below -

VIP Screen Capture

If you are using a graphical header and you've already installed it from the floppy diskette supplied to you, skip this section and go to the step below. If you want to use a plain text header for your reports, enter a header number other than 4, and press the ENTER key. This will take you to an editor screen where you can type in your information as you would like it to appear (see below).

VIP Screen Capture

Hit the ESC key when finished. Now, go to option 1) - Print Current Patient. Scroll down to 'Select Report Header' and make sure the header number is selected for the header you want to use. You are now finished configuring your header. You may switch between installed headers from this screen at any time.



Open your Sonova software. Select Utilities, System Setup. Click on the Report Header Bitmap button (see below).

Sonova Screen Capture

Navigate through your system until you find the bitmap you wish to use as a header, and click Open. You may use a standard bitmap image with a maximum size of 760 x 72 pixels. If you have a header bitmap, it will most likely be in the folder C:\PROGRAM FILES\VIPWIN1.

If you do not have a graphical header already made, you can make one in the Windows Paint utility.  Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint.  Click on the Image pull-down menu and select Attributes.  Type in 760 in the Width box and 72 in the Height box and click OK.  Now, using the Text tool, you can type in the information you want on your custom header.  You can use custom hospital logos if you want.  You can use any graphics editing utility you want to make this header, as long as it's saved in standard Windows .bmp format.

If you would like a custom graphical header for VIP, please call 888-FLOWLAB and we will get the information we need to make one for you.  Your sales rep normally creates custom Sonova headers if you need one.  Or, you can create one yourself by going into Microsoft Paint (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint in Windows).

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