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Dongle Installation Instructions For Windows 98

Some people may experience difficulty getting the drivers installed for the USB Protection Device, or "dongle", that is required for the DICOM package or the Infra-Red temperature sensor options in Windows 98.

If, after installing your dongle, the DICOM or IR temperature gun options still do not appear in the System Setup, we need to first determine whether or not the dongle is properly installed.

First off, make sure Sonova is NOT running.  Go into Device Manager by right-clicking on the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop and left-clicking on Properties.  Click the Device Manager tab.

Look for the 'Other Devices' program group - it is identified with a large yellow question mark.  If the dongle driver is incorrectly installed, you might see it listed under 'Other Devices'.  If you see it here, remove it.  If not, we'll move on.

Then locate the USB section in device manager.  There should be an entry for 'USB Protection Device'.  Look and see if there is a small yellow circle or mark on that entry - if so, remove the entry for 'USB Protection Device'.

Download USBinstall.exe (761 KB file size).  If you're downloading that file on a different computer, copy the file onto a floppy diskette, ZIP disk or a CD-ROM and take it to your Flo-Lab.

Exit out of Sonova if it's running.  Copy USBinstall.exe into the root directory of your C: drive.  Go to Start > Run and in the white box, type "c:\usbinstall /b" (without the quotes).  Make sure that your dongle is inserted and restart your computer.

When Windows comes back up, it should automatically detect and re-install all necessary drivers.  If you still have problems and cannot get this to work, please call Technical Support for assistance.

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