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Preventative Maintenance For Computer
All computerized Flo-Labs and Mini-Labs

During regular usage of your Flo-Lab or Mini-Lab, dust can accumulate inside the computer.  Excess dust can cause the computer to run inefficiently or even prevent it from working at all.  Dust in the computer has been known to cause the PC to freeze up.  It is recommended that the computer be removed from the Flo-Lab/Mini-Lab cart and cleaned every six months.

1. Unscrew the 3 phillips head screws that hold the back access door closed.

2. Disconnect the cables connected to the back of the computer (i.e., printer, monitor etc.) and the strap that holds the computer in.

3. Once the computer is out, remove the side panel.

4. Using compressed air or a vacuum hose, clean out the dust from the inside of the computer.  Pay extra attention to the fan mounted directly on top of the processor (See example below).  Also make sure you inspect the rest of the fans to make sure they are all operating correctly (there is one in the power supply and sometimes a case fan mouned on the front or rear of the case); you will probably have either two or three fans in the computer.

5. When finished, replace the cover on the computer and put it back into the FLO-LAB cart.  Replace all cables and the strap to hold the computer in place.

Remove processor fan
Interior of computer

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