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Model 917 Obstetrical and Vascular Doppler


  • Dual frequency
    • Approximate 2.2 MHz frequency
    • Approximate 8 MHz frequency
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Auxiliary headphones output
  • Aluminum Case
    • Removable lid
    • Storage space for charger, probes and gel

917 Obstetrical Doppler





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The Model 917 is ideal for a smaller hospital that needs a Doppler for use in obstetrics as well as a doppler for difficult blood pressure measurements or for vascular screening.  The nominal 2 MHz* probe gives depth for big targets, like the fetal heart, and also picks up the relatively large amount of umbilical flow.

A headphone jack for stereo headphones is provided because in difficult cases where it is important to know if there is a viable fetus, you will hear much better with headphones than with a speaker.  The headphones shut out outside noise and reproduce the low tones associated with the fetal heart movement much better than the small loudspeaker does.  Headphones of this type can be purchased from us or obtained locally.

The 8 MHz* probe emits ultrasound waves that are smaller and therefore reflect off of red blood cells better.  These waves do not go deep enough to be useful in obstetrics.

The Model 917 is essentially two different doppler instruments using a common power source and audio amplifier.  For sensitivity, each one is as good as any you can find at any price.  Only one doppler operates at a time.

Model 917 comes with one obstetrical probe and one 8 MHz probe in the style of your choice.  Most users buy the pencil probe (shown) but the adult flat and infant flat probes are available as a substitute or at extra cost if you require more than one vascular probe.

The custom case is made of welded aluminum and is both rugged and attractive.  Colors available are Off-White or blue.  The lid detaches easily.

* A 2 MHz probe crystal vibrates at about 2 million times a second, and the 8 MHz probe vibrates at 8 million times a second.

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