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With the introduction of the Flo-Lab system in 1985, Parks brought to market the first fully integrated vascular diagnostic instrument for hospitals and laboratories. Now in its sixth generation, the Flo-Lab combines the unmatched sensitivity of Parks Dopplers with continuous technological improvements for greater ease of use, faster studies, and better diagnostic performance.  No other system of its type has lasted as long as the Flo-Lab series.

FLO-LAB 2100-SX2 with SonovaE software

  • True auto-setup
  • 24" touchscreen monitor
  • Canon Deskjet color printer
  • Dual-frequency directional doppler
    • 3.9 MHz
    • 8.3 MHz
  • Photoplethysmograph (PPG)
  • Pneumoplethysmograph (Pulse Volume Recording)
  • Three-channel programmable cuff inflator
    • User-defined pressure settings
    • Inflates one or two cuffs
    • Inflates larger cuffs typically used in venous tests
  • Bar graph flow direction display
  • 19 button wireless remote control (New version - model 19-B IR)
  • Auto scale for waveform displays
  • Full HIPAA compliancy


  • Full DICOM and Modality Worklist support
  • Full certification for VA VistA
  • Handheld IR temperature gun support
  • Mulit-Port cuff inflator

2100-SX2 Flo-Lab features:

  • 4 swivel wheels
  • Swivel Monitor
  • Solid State Hardrive for improved reliability and faster start up
  • Built-in Trackball
  • Moisture resistant/cleanable keyboard
  • New Multi-port Inflator with dedicated single hose outlet
  • Durable aluminum cart
  • Precision machined aluminum PPG Clips
  • Easy access on/off switch
  • Built-in gel holder
  • Improved hose management
  • Quiet inflation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • lowest replacement parts cost in the industry
  • Easy to use, customizable SonovaE software
  • Superior Doppler sensitivity


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    2100 SX2 Keyboard Deck







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    Parks Medical Electronics, Inc. always installs the most current, up to date computers in new Flo-Labs and available for upgrading your current system..

    SonovaE software features an intuitive, easy-to-use Windows interface that allows movement to any part of the test non-sequentially.  It provides professional color-printed reports including waveforms, and supports standard tests and protocols, as well as user-defined tests.  SonovaE supports standard network settings used in Windows.

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