An RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number is required to send items in for repair. Please have this number on hand when inquiring about your repair.

Returning a copy of this document with the equipment in need of repair will help avoid any delay in repair time.

For additional Tech Support inquiries or to be issued an RMA please see the “Tech support” tab or call our technicians at:

Dopplers and Probes: 800-547-6427
Flo-Lab Tech Support: 888-356-9522

In-Warranty Repairs
We will need to validate purchase dates for warranty repairs on both Doppler units and probes.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs
All units and probes have a minimum repair charge:

Probes repairs are a $27 evaluation fee per probe. This fee is waived if the probe is repaired or replaced. If a probe is able to be repaired it will either be the connectors ($27.00) or the epoxy ($50.00) or both ($77.00) that require repair. The repair quote will reflect the replacement charge per probe if a probe is deemed non-repairable.

The minimum repair charge for these instruments is $65.
611-L 614 614-B 615 641 641-A
801-A 801-B 806-CB * 810-A (Not 810) 810-B
811 * 811-L ** 811-B 811-AL 811-BL 811-BTS
812 * 821 * 822 *
840 841 841-A 842
909 915 *&** 915-L ** 915-AL 915-BL
917 918 922
The minimum repair charge for these instruments is $85.
1050/1052/1058/1059 (If it has blue end metal panels that serve as handles, it is not supported)
1050-A 1059-A
1050-C 1052-C 1058-C 1059-C
2100/2100-SX 2100-SX2
The minimum repair charge for these instruments is $260.
3000-LA (Limited Support)
*Manufactured 1977 forward – without the “L” shaped PCB and with 386 chip.
NO support for pre-1977 811, 803, 810, 611-R and 1010.
** No support if the instrument is equipped with an inferior charging circuit for two 6 volt batteries; for identification, the circuit uses a 2 watt (large), 22 ohm resistor (2 red bands) on the circuit board.

We provide estimates for out-of-warranty repairs. To allow us to schedule our resources and serve you better, we ask that all estimates be approved within 3 days. In order to speed up this process, we recommend that you pre-approve charges to a certain amount and include a hardcopy purchase order when sending your unit in if possible.

Questions or Approvals
To send in repair quote approvals or to ask questions about your repair quote please call or fax the following numbers:

Phone: 503-649-7007
Toll-Free: 800-547-6427
Fax: 503-591-9753

Used Parts
All non-repairable items are returned upon request only; please inform us when approving your estimate.

Open Account Customers, Net 30 or Net 60:
Please supply a Purchase Order. Repair charges will be billed to your account.

Pre-paid Customers:
Payment can be made by Money Order, Company Check (some restrictions apply), Certified Check, American Express, Visa or Master Card. (We cannot accept cash OR Discover card at this time)

Biomed Customers:
All Biomed customers require a hardcopy purchase order and/or credit card for repairs.

Repair Warranty
Doppler repairs are warranted 365 days parts and labor for the specific repair it was sent in for.
Probes repairs are warranted for 6 months parts and labor.

Our standard method of shipping is UPS 3 Day Air for all repairs except Flo-lab units and 1050 series units. Flo-Lab units and 1050 series units will ship UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.

FedEx and UPS freight accounts can be used upon customer request

Shipping for loaner equipment will be charged on final repair invoice.

Any customs, FDA screening or shipping charges accrued when sending in items for repair will be charged to final repair invoice.

Loaners are available free of charge not including shipping. Our standard method of shipping for loaners are UPS 2nd Day Air unless otherwise specified. Return ALL loaner items within 15 days of receiving repaired unit back to avoid per-day rental charges.