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Effective July 1, 2018
**Prices are subject to change.**

These prices are for U.S. customers or for other countries where we do not have active representation.  We do not sell instruments directly to consumers in Brazil, Japan, Australia and some other non-European countries where we have active representation.

Cuff Price List in PDF format
Domestic Unit Price List in PDF format

Replacement parts for FLO-LAB and MINI-LAB products

Individual leaflets are available for most of these instruments.
Nominal 8.0 - 9.9 MHz frequency for vascular work, nominal 2 MHz for obstetrical and air embolus.
Price includes probe, charger or batteries, gel, and manual.


FLO-LAB 2100-SX2
Call 1-888-503-1177 for sales information



Model 840 8 Mhz, Headphones $482
Model 841-A 8 Mhz, Speaker, Auto-off $648
Model 842 8 Mhz, Speaker, Recorder output $773
Model 641-A Obstetrical, Speaker, Auto-off $544



For vascular studies -

For the Dopplers below, you must specify the type of probe you want.  All Dopplers listed below are furnished in a rugged aluminum box and priced without lid except for the Model 810-A which comes in a metal cabinet.  Probe frequency is a nominal 8 MHz except where noted.

Model 801-B* Earphones, "AA" Batteries $596
Model 810-A Large speaker, Meter, "D" Batteries $940
Model 810-B Large speaker, Meter, Rechargeable Battery $1,054
Model 811-B* Speaker, Rechargeable battery $710
Model 811-BTS* Speaker, Rechargeable battery, 5 minute auto-off $773
Model 811-BL* Speaker, Rechargeable battery, Cautery suppressor $773
Model 812* Speaker, Rechargeable battery, Recorder output $837
Model 915-BL* 8 Mhz & 2.25 Mhz for vascular and air embolus $1168



Model 806-CB 8 Mhz, Speaker, Stereo sound, Rechargeable battery $1,517
Model 909 4 Mhz & 8 Mhz, 2 speakers, Rechargeable battery $1,746


Please note: These instruments are sold direct, without inservice and are not available in 8.0, 8.5, 8.6 or 8.7 MHz.

Model 1050-C 1 Frequency doppler, AC/DC PPG for venous reflux test $3,748
Model 1052-C 2 Frequency doppler, AC/DC PPG $4,120
Model 1058-C 1 Frequency doppler, AC and DC PPG for digital pulses and venous reflux test, Air plethysmograph $4,120
Model 1059-C 2 Frequency with AC and DC PPG plus pneumoplethysmography; Cuffs $5,740

(1059-C comes furnished with cuffs)



Model 917 2 Mhz & 8 Mhz, Rechargeable, Speaker $940

(Comes standard in the #900 aluminum carry case with removable lid and room for accessories)



Model 611-L Rechargeable battery, Large speaker $773
Model 614-B* Rechargeable battery, Small speaker $596
Model 641-A Pocket, 9-Volt alkaline battery $544



Nominal 8 Mhz and 9 Mhz probes in standard ⅜" diameter pencil style; Infant and adult flat probes $138
   Same as above but with 7' or 10' cable** $155
Nominal 8 Mhz and 9 Mhz ¼" skinny pencil probes $160
   Same as above but with 7' or 10' cable** $177
Nominal 4 Mhz and 5 Mhz probes $160
   Same as above but with 7' or 10' cable** $177
Nominal 2 Mhz obstetrical and chest probes $150
   Same as above but with 7' or 10' cable** $167
PPG Sensor (Older style with push-in single pin plug) $138
PPG Sensor (New style with 5-pin twist-on plug & shielded cable)*** $150
Microvascular Probe** ( 2 mm tip see photo.) $195
Avian Probe** $167
   Avian Probe only available in 8.2, 8.5, 8.9, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, & 9.7 MHz
**Please Note: These items are special order and not returnable
***Note: Style change due to European regulations


* #800 & #901 CARRY CASE
Instruments marked with an * are available with either the #800 or #901 aluminum carry case with removable lid.  #800 carry case - $125.00 additional if ordered with the unit, $160.00 if ordered later, without the unit.  #901 carry case - $130.00 additional if ordered with the unit, $167.00 if ordered later, without the unit.


DOPPLERS: The determining factor in choosing a probe type and operating frequency is the depth of the vessel.  For best results from shallow vessels we recommend a nominal 8 or 9 MHz probe and most people find it adequate for all their vascular needs.

For dual frequency directional Dopplers, we recommend nominal 4 and nominal 8 or 9 MHz.  The 4 MHz probe is bigger (½ inch diameter) but there is considerable improvement in the detection of deeper arteries and veins, especially on obese or swollen limbs.

PROBES: When you order a Doppler it comes with a probe of your choice compatible with the instrument. We recommend that you have two probes for general usage Dopplers like the Model 811-B, Model 812, etc.  Since probes fail more often than instruments, a spare probe lets you know whether it was the instrument or the probe that failed.  It’s a good investment for Dopplers you depend on.
However, we do not recommend spares for probes that are 4 MHz or lower in frequency (such as chest probes, obstetrical probes, etc.).  These probes are rugged and for best performance the instrument needs to be factory-tuned to a specific probe.

FLAT PROBES: Use flat probes for routine blood-pressure measurements on the arms.  We have infant and adult sizes.  You can use the probes interchangeably.  The infant size is made in nominal 8 and 9 MHz frequencies.  We make a flat 5 MHz probe but generally do not recommend it.

AVIAN PROBE: Veterinary use, call for details

NOTE: The probe frequency must match the frequency of the instrument. You cannot use a 4 or 5 MHz probe on an instrument tuned to 8 or 9 MHz. You can mix the probe style, but not the frequency.

SURGERY: The Model 811 series provides adequate service in surgery because you normally only want to judge blood flow quality by ear.  If you want blood flow indicated on a meter for later comparison, we recommend our Model 810-A or 810-B.  If you need a directional Doppler, the Model 806-CB is the next step up.  If you also need a recording, the Model 1050-C will do it.  Generally, in surgery, use a nominal 8 or 9 MHz probe. Microvascular probe also available, call for details.

CARRY CASES: Our workhorse Doppler in pediatrics, surgery, ICU, and the emergency room is the Model 811-B and its variations.  Models 811-B, 811-BL, 811-BTS, 801-B, 812, 915-BL and 614-B come standard in a rugged aluminum box.  These instruments are also available in an attractive aluminum case with convenient carry handle, removable lid and room for accessories.

#800 case (9.25” L x 7.25” W x 4.00” D) large enough to hold a bottle of gel, probe and battery charger -- available in blue only.

#900/901 case (11.30” L x 8.40” W x 5.00” D) has the same features as above, but with additional space for a manometer and a few cuffs -- available in off white only.

If you own an older Doppler in a plastic case you can order a metal case for it. When you order a metal case, be sure to specify what model it is for.

These instruments never really wear out.  We occasionally get instruments in for service that were made 30 years ago and they work fine.  The actual sensitivity of Doppler has not changed much in that time, and ours has always been the best.

What has changed is batteries, cases, whether or not there is a speaker or recorder or meters on the front panel.  The basic doppler is about the same as it was 30 years ago.  No one but Parks has been making dopplers nearly that long.  We were #2 to make clinical doppler ultrasound.  Smith-Kline Instruments was first, with the "Doptone".  Imex, Medasonics, Sonicaid, Life Sciences and a host of others both here and abroad started many years later.  Many companies have dropped by the wayside.

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