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Parks Medical Electronics, Inc. is the world's most experienced manufacturer of Doppler Ultrasound Systems.  We were established in 1961 as Parks Electronics Laboratory, and manufactured impedance plethysmographs, mercury strain-gage plethysmographs, hearing testers, EKG telephone telemetry and exercise EKG telemetry in the years before Doppler.

Parks made the first directional Doppler in 1965 and we have consistently had the top-performing directional Doppler with respect to sensitivity.  We include more than twenty different Doppler devices in our product line.

Our business is built on our reputation for designing and manufacturing instruments of exceptionally good performance and dependability, as well as our outstanding customer service.  Ask the Bio-med techs in any hospital with Parks equipment about the reliability of our products.

We do very little advertising or marketing.  This helps keep costs down and allows us to focus on providing the highest quality for the lowest price.  We have lost a lot of sales because our prices are lower and a competitor says "You get what you pay for" - Not always so.  Our prices are lower because we sell most items directly to the consumer in the U.S.A.  We don't have the most stylish equipment, but we have the best working and most reliable equipment.

Flo-Lab 2100










The Parks Flo-Lab 2100-SX2


Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Aloha, Oregon, a suburb of Portland.  We do all our own sheet-metal work ( ) and printed-circuit boards and also do work for other manufacturers in the vicinity.  This debt-free company is wholly owned by Loren Parks, who designed most of the smaller units.
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